Other Places to See or Visit in Owyhee County

Bruneau Dunes State Park : This State of Idaho park contains several large sand dunes, the the tallest rising to 470 feet in height above a small lake at its base. The site has camp grounds, fishing and bird watching. Located at the park is an Astronomical Observatory available for public viewing on summer weekend evenings. Check the website for admission fees and hours. The site is located up stream along the Snake River about 30 miles east of the Emu-Z-Um on Highway 78.

C.J. Strike Reservoir : This 7,500-acre reservoir area impounds the Snake and Bruneau Rivers and offers fishing, boating and camping, with camp units, restrooms and potable water. The site is the beginning of a day of hiking, horseback riding, hunting, picnicking, swimming, water skiing, and wildlife viewing. The reservoir is about 18 miles upstream of the Emu-Z-Um between Grand View and Bruneau just off of Highway 78. Additional information on fishing can be found at at : Fishing C.J. Strike

Bruneau Canyon Overlook is the only readily accessible spot from which to view the spectacular canyon carved through basalt and rhyolite by the Bruneau River. The opposite rim is 1,300 feet away, and the distance from rim to riverbed is 800 feet. The overlook is about 19 miles off Highway 78 from the town of Bruneau or 42 miles southeast of the Emu-Z-Um. Download this BLM map Overlook and Hikes (pdf) for information about the Overlook and hiking locations in the area.

Silver City : This partially restored 19th century mining town is located on the south side of War Eagle mountain, some 35 miles from the Emu-Z-Um. Travel about 20 miles northwest on Highway 78 to the marked left turnoff to Silver City. This turnoff road is a dirt road and does have some narrow winding mountain driving to reach Silver City. The road is closed in the winter, but is suitable to passenger vehicles in the summer. There is limited cell phone and other services in Silver City and no fuel available along the route or at Silver City. A less mountainous route into Silver City is available from US highway 95 near Jordan Valley, Oregon. Check the website for more information about activities and road conditions. Silver City also has a Primitive Campground at the far end of town. The Schoolhouse Museum collection talked about on the website is now located at the Emu-Z-Um.

Owyhee Uplands Backcountry Byway : This 100 mile long road goes from Grand View to Jordan Valley, Oregon where it connects with US Highway 95. It is an interesting site seeing trip through the high desert of Owyhee county. The road is mostly unpaved and is closed in the winter, but is suitable for passenger vehicles during the summer. There are no services along the way and there is no cell phone coverage through most of the route, so go properly prepared. Download this Byway Booklet (pdf) for information and a map about the byway.

Givens Hot Springs : This family friendly, covered hot springs swimming pool and camp ground has been operating for over 130 years and is still run by members of the Givens family. The pool is open all year long. Check the website for details on admission fees and operating hours. The location is about 42 miles northwest down stream along the Snake River from the Emu-Z-Um on Highway 78.

Other Owyhee County Links and Sites

This on-line article about Owyhee County History is provided by the Elmore County Press. It is a good general article about the history of Owyhee County.

Owyhee County Historical Society Museum & Library : This non-profit museum and library is located in Murphy. Go to the website for hours and other details.

Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey : This conservation area is along the Snake River just downstream from the Emu-Z-Um. Most access is from the north side of the river. See the website for a map and access points.

City of Grand View : This is the closest town to the Emu-Z-Um and about 7 miles east of the Emu-Z-Um. It has fuel and a restaurant located next to each other at the junction of Highway 67 and 78.

Other Idaho Links

Historic Museums of Idaho : A list of museums located around the state of Idaho.

Idaho Chapter - Oregon Trail Assoc. : This site has Information about the Oregon Trail in Idaho. The Emu-Z-Um is located along the South Alternate branch of the Oregon Trail. On the Website, go to the information on the "Utter Disaster" to find Oregon Trail historical points near the Emu-Z-Um. A brochure about the "Utter Disaster" is available Here.

Restaurants Near the Emu-Z-Um

The Y-Bar Cafe is located in Grand View about 7 miles east of the Emu-Z-Um on Highway 78. They do not have a website. Call them at (208) 834-2765 for information on their hours.

The closest fast food restaurants are in Mt. Home or Nampa.

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